Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo Challenge!

Now then, every photo has ended up on Twitter every day! XD Just not anywhere else, lol. So here's the current catch up:

03/10/09 - Day 3

Poster for the Cobra Starship tour in March, on the side of the True Blue Shoes building on the corner of Brunswick and Victoria Sts. I am so excited for this tour!!!

04/10/09 - Day 4

Flinders St Station, one of Melbourne's most iconic landmarks. Usually used a meeting place, I have many fond memories of chilling on the steps and making fun of the people sitting around us and going by. Lol.

05/10/09 - Day 5

I took my shoes off after work today and my ankle looked like this! I didn't realise at all until then, though I'd known that my shoes were rubbing agaisnt my ankle something fierce today. lol.

Friday, October 2, 2009

02/10/09 - Day 2

02/10/09 - Day 2

Going home from work, my train was actually on time! Anyone who has dealt with Connex before knows how rare an occasion this is, haha! I was amazed, really, because even my train into work in the mornings is usually a minute behind, and it's like...the 4th train of the morning, haha.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

01/10/09 - Day 1

I bought new shoes! They're just from Big W but I think they're fucking awesome, and that they'll match my rainbow jumper PERFECTLY. =D lol

Also this is not the photo I was planning on posting originally, but as my actual camera apparently doesn't want to connect to my computer I had to quickly improvise and take one from my phone. Lame as.

365 Photo Challenge

So I decided a couple of days ago to do a 365 Photo Challenge, AKA a photo a day! So I'm reviving this blog in order to have yet another place to stick my horrible photography (considering my first pic had to be taken from my phone camera, yes, horrible!), and also just...I figure I should use this thing! Haha. Some entires will end up backdated, or whatever the Blogger equivilant is to backdating, just because I may not nesscarily have full internet access on a day! Sad but true fact of my life: I do not actually spend it all online!

But yes, expect to see that happening! lol.